Spin Shine Rattle

Spin Shine Rattle

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Inspire Vision

Age: 0+ months

  • Helps develop vision with shiny flutter spinner
  • High-contrast polka-dot pattern engages baby
  • Slender center bar helps develop grasping muscles
  • Soft over-moulded ball is a joy for baby to mouth/teethe
  • Colourful rings in center clack to stimulate hearing

Developmental Insights
At birth, a newborn's eyesight is not yet fully developed and she is not able to see the full spectrum of colours. Red is the first color she will be able to detect. Other colours, specifically blue, are not able to be detected until 3 months of age.

Interaction Idea
Hold the rattle 8-12 inches away from baby. Watch how baby's eyes track the shiny spinner. Notice how baby seems mesmerized by the bold black & white ball.

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